Guangzhou two women were shelter when the rain was caught on the car involved in the escape

The victim is free from injury when he is running away
Guangzhou Tianhe police urged the people involved surrender Guangzhou Tianhe police yesterday informed that at 12:30 on July 12, two women in the Tianhe District, Ke Mu? I Village near a street, was Two driving a white car of the strange man forced to pull the car, after the two things together to break free off, involved in driving the vehicle to escape. The police preliminary investigation, two women in the night at the top of a fruit shop near the shelter shelter, was two men (the victim said at that time from the men who smell the wine) pulled the car, the two women together to break off The In the process of breaking away, one of the female left hand elbow and left leg knee injury (by forensic preliminary identification, the result is minor injury). At present, the Tianhe police are doing the relevant investigation work, while mobilizing police to increase the area of ​​patrol. The police solemnly urged the ministers to go to the territorial public security organs as soon as possible to investigate, and called on the informed masses to provide clues to the police in a timely manner. If you find a clue, please call 110 or to the Tianhe District Public Security Bureau Phoenix police station Cao police contact: 83120911. (Wang Lubin Tianxun Gong Xuan)

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